At Star Tree Services we believe in a holistic approach to tree care. We believe that the days of seeing trees in isolation - from each other; from their surroundings; from the community and from the environment are long gone. It is time to see trees for what they are; an essential component of everyday life.

Tree Selection, Supply and Planting

Provision of quality tree stock is paramount when planting trees into the landscape. Star Tree Services have spent many years finding the best tree providers in Victoria to help ensure that our clients buy the best quality trees possible. Making sure that you have the right tree for your site is also imperative. Appropriate species selection depends on a variety of factors such as site conditions; soil type; surroundings; purpose of planting (i.e. for shade, form, colour, hedging, feature etc), aesthetic ideals and so on. Star Tree Services can help you with this decision.

Correct planting techniques can make the difference between successful tree establishment and failure. We make sure that the site is prepared (with adequate drainage if necessary) and that positioning of the tree is optimal before the final planting takes place.

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Preventative and Formative Pruning

Star Tree Services are expert at preventative and formative pruning, both essential skills in the establishment of well structured canopies. This pruning, done early in a trees life, can minimise the need for major pruning works in later years. We can also provide watering services and organic, liquid fertiliser soil drenches to encourage good tree health and vigour.

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Tree Maintenance

Star Tree Services provide the full spectrum of tree care services. This includes: crown thinning; branch weight reduction, crown lifting, crown reduction, removal of deadwood, and removal of substandard/ crossing/ weak branches. All our works are also completed in accordance with Australian Standard AS4373-1996 (Pruning of Amenity Trees).
In addition to pruning works organic fertiliser soil drenches, Elm Leaf Beetle Treatments (either canopy spray or soil drench, depending on site conditions), cable bracing (either Cobra System (non-invasive), or steel-wire 'bolt-through' systems and Possum guard installation are all services we can provide to assist in the successful management of your tree(s).

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Tree Removal

Star Tree Services have extensive experience in the removal of dead, diseased and dangerous trees both in the open and in confined spaces. We have the expertise and equipment to perform these often very difficult operations, with efficiency and a minimum of fuss.

Tree Management Scheduling

Star Tree Services can provide you with a detailed management plan for your trees. This service can include scheduling any or all of the above services over a period of years. This service is beneficial in that, once carried out it will negate the need for repeated site visits, quotes and reports. It will provide the client with a record of all their trees (with photographs if required), the condition of those trees and will detail what, (if any) work is required and prioritise when the work should be done. This service will also pick up early signs of tree stress, disease and decay and suggest appropriate courses of action.

Contract Services

As part of our tree management services, Star also provides a range of contract services to corporate and government sectors and include:

  • Street tree maintenance such as power line clearing, canopy uplifting and property clearance.
  • Tree selection and planting programs.
  • Street tree removal and replacement programs.

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