Although trees should be planted in appropriate locations where it is envisaged they will spend their entire lives, there are occasions when large and even mature trees require transplanting. This procedure not only requires a sound knowledge of tree biology, it also requires experience and heavy machinery.

Over many years Star Tree Services has undertaken tree transplanting projects and takes great pride in the success that has been achieved. These projects have ranged from transplanting small shrubs in a clients backyard to the transplanting of mature trees (alive & dead) required for large landscaping/development projects.
Mature Fig Tree Transplant

We Transplant Trees of All Ages & Sizes

Operating since 1986, Star Tree Services have the right experience, team and equipment required for a safe and successful tree transplanting. We transplant trees of all ages and sizes and can consult on the suitability of your tree for transplantation.

If this is a service you require then contact Star Tree Services to see if your tree is suitable for transplanting and if so to find out more information about what is involved in doing so.

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