At Star Tree Services we believe in a holistic approach to tree care, but what does this mean? We believe that the days of seeing trees in isolation - from each other; from their surroundings; from the community; from the environment- are long gone. It is time to see trees for what they are; an essential component of everyday life. Trees are beautiful living things, this is a given, however trees are so much more than this.

Not only do trees make major aesthetic contributions to our urban and suburban surroundings, their environmental contributions, in terms of reducing air, wind, and noise pollution, and in providing a natural "air conditioning" system, are immeasurable.

Trees are also a valuable dollar asset to any community. It has been estimated in the United Kingdom that if the costs involved in providing communities with the essential benefits that trees provide is totaled and used as a measure of value, then even based on the space they occupy, their value is above the 200,000 million pound mark.

This kind of investment requires quality care.

One would not hire an untrained, unqualified plumber to maintain a cities water system, so why do exactly that in regard to a cities natural air conditioning, wind reduction and pollution filtration system?

Excellence & Experience in Tree Care Services

Star Tree Services employ qualified and experienced staff because we have seen the damage caused by substandard tree care. Poor pruning and planting techniques; watering regimes and tree selection can all lead to problems involving tree health and/or structural condition. Likewise, the ability to diagnose tree problems, whether they are caused by man, local fauna, fungal attack or hormonal imbalance, can be the difference between having a tree removed safely or seeing that tree fail, with potentially devastating results.

Star Tree Services' mission is to achieve the goal of a healthy, well maintained "urban forest", working in conjunction with the environment, local authorities, private landowners, property maintenance contractors, landscape designers and architects. We have built our Tree Management Services around the ideal of achieving this goal.

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