The recycling of waste products collected from our works allows Star Tree Services to sell high quality products such as mulch, firewood and a variety of milled timbers to the public.

Go Recycled!

At Star Tree Services, we believe that if a tree must be removed, then no part of that tree should be lost to landfill. We use all parts of the tree and produce quality mulch, well seasoned (min. 1 year) firewood and quality milled timber. All of these products are available for sale from our depot in Research (North East Melbourne).

Our range of recycled and/or salvaged timber is constantly changing, but we always have good stocks of native and exotic timbers available. We can supply (to your specification) a range of large timber/slabs; posts and beams; flooring and decking and furniture. We provide timber to sculptors and furniture makers. We can also provide on-site milling if required. Please contact us for a list of current stock.

High Quality Organic Mulch

Over the years Star Tree Services has developed an ongoing recycling program which allows us to sell bi-products from our work back to the community. This has meant that Star Tree Services is able to sell from its yard high quality, organic mulch and firewood rather than have them dumped in a council tip.

Mulch Delivery

Star Tree Services delivers mulch in 10m3 loads and these are generally carried out on Saturdays. For local delivery costs contact us. A free quote can be obtained from our office if you require a mulch delivery that is not in close proximity to our yard. Alternatively customers are welcome to bring a ute or trailer to the yard and we can load it for you at a cost per cubic meter.cubic metre. Recycled Organic Mulch

Benefits of Organic Mulch

The benefits of using organic mulches on your home or office garden are numerous with the key advantages being;

  • Weed suppression.
  • Improved regulation of soil moisture and temperature levels.
  • Reduction in evaporation levels from the soil resulting in a reduced need for irrigation.
  • The biodegradation of mulches adds vital organic matter to soil to improve nutrient levels and soil structure.
  • Increased microbial activity within the soil.

Mulch can also be beneficial in several areas including;
  • Vegetable gardens.
  • Road Verges.
  • Vineyards and Orchards.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Driveways.


Fire wood can be picked up from the yard at any time during office hours for cost per cubic metre. Contact us for current pricing.

Star Tree Services also runs a timber milling service. On application we can mill timbers in our yard from logs we have retained from tree removal works. Contact our office to find out what logs we have in stock and what size(s) they can be milled into for your specific purpose.

To receive expert advice from one of our qualified consultants contact us using our online form.

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